HANDMADE chocolate truffles

I created Costello + Hellerstein chocolate truffles in 2014. As a classically French trained chef, I have worked in restaurants across London, dined many high-profile clients and have written my own book. My aim is for everyone to experience fine dining chocolates anytime, anywhere; I create the taste, you create the moment.

I meticulously developed these 6 flavours of chocolate truffles, considering the taste combinations and texture of each. I take care to understand the origin of all my ingredients and I am proud to ensure the truffle quality is mirrored in the sophisticated 100 % recyclable packaging.

Ori Hellerstein, FOUNDER


All our truffles are hand made in the Cotswolds

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  “Costèllo + Hellerstein salted caramel truffles are the benchmark, gold standard, the tippest of tip-top, the portal to higher truffle awareness. In short, they are yummy.”

Matthew Fort, British Food Writer & Critic


We only use sustainable ingredients of the finest quality

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