Costello + Hellerstein’s values are CREATIVITY, EXCELLENCE and SIMPLICITY. These are reflected in Ori’s choice of providers for his chocolate and flavourings.

Luker Chocolate and Sosa Ingredients SL are both family run businesses and leading suppliers in the world of gastronomy, confectionery and pastry. Ori has chosen to work with these two value-centred companies to form the foundation of excellence for all Costello + Hellerstein truffles.

Luker Chocolate

This Columbian cocoa supplier and chocolate maker believe that their products are tools for change. Their vision centres around securing sustainability, supporting the environment, transparency and social responsibility: “We believe that chocolate makes the world a better place.” 

Luker focuses on single origin cocoa to continually deliver a unique and superior taste. They work exclusively with Cacao Fino de Aroma known for its exquisite fruity and floral aromas and flavour with nutty malt notes. 


Sosa Ingredients S.L. is one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients and flavourings to Europe’s greatest chefs and restaurants. Since its beginnings as a small family business back in 1967 Sosa have continued to expand and improve their products to remain at the cutting edge of culinary innovation. They develop close relationships with their customers allowing chocolatiers like Ori to create exemplary taste pairings.      

The company’s products follow these four pillars of modern gastronomy: more flavour, less sugar, less fat and texture contrast.